About Belfast International Language Academy

The Belfast International Language Academy is a newly established English Language Institution.
Our aim is to provide excellent English courses for both adult and junior international students.

At BILA, you will receive high-quality tuition, participate in fun activities and discover lots about our great city Belfast. Our well-trained staff, including an always available student welfare officer, will ensure that your stay with us is a very enjoyable one and that you learn lots of English.

Our professional and committed staff have many years of experience teaching EFL students, so you can be confident that you have made the right choice in choosing us as your place to study and develop your language learning ability.

BILA is a dynamic language learning centre which delivers high-quality learning experiences to language learners from across the world. We also aim to foster understanding of different cultures and establish lasting links with different countries and communities throughout the world through their students participating in our language courses.

Our ethos can be best encapsulated by the following:

• Total Immersion in the language.

• Development of a natural love for the language.

• Student participation in activities which are eclectic and holistic and which are delivered by local Belfast based artists, craftspeople, sportspeople, entertainers, and entrepreneurs.

• Development of an understanding of Belfast’s rich social, cultural, and political history.

• Development of an understanding of shared cultural heritages and traditions, both within the institute and through meeting language learners from other parts of the world.

• Understanding and learning, we believe, starts with family and with your local surroundings; at the BILA, we aim to foster a similar atmosphere. We want students to feel part of our family when here, and to connect with the local community within which our institution breathes.

• Innovative and quality orientated approaches to language learning.

At the Belfast International Language Academy our Teaching Staff are experienced professionals and all hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and a recognised TEFL qualification. Our premises are modern, until last year a technical college for school leavers, and we constantly strive to improve the learning process for our students.

BILA’s founders, have between them over 25 years teaching experience, as well as 10 years’ experience of providing English course options for adult and junior international students from Spain, the Basque Country, Catalonia and Italy. With the founding of BILA, we aim to extend our educational reach to enable us to bring students from all over the world, to Belfast to study, stay and enjoy their learning experience.

We have a large staff whose main role is to ensure that our language learners have a wonderful, enriching leaning experience during their stay in Belfast with us. Our academic staff are skilled and knowledgeable with expertise in specialist areas which means our students receive the very best educational experience.

The safety and welfare of our students is our number 1 priority. To this end, our student welfare officers are always available to give students’ advice, or to handle any issues which may arise during their stay with us.

Our accommodations and activity managers are also always on hand, to co-ordinate with students and their group leaders in relation to any issues which may arise in these areas. We also have a dietitian on site to liaise with students and group leaders in relation to any special dietary requirements which a student may have.