Our Academic Approach

Our aim is for every student to leave us having reached their maximum potential. We structure our courses carefully to enhance learning and ensure progress. Small class sizes - with a maximum of 12 students - and 60 minute lessons ensure a successful academic experience.

Whether your aim is a professional or personal one, we will help you on your way to achieving it, maintaining an intensive and supportive atmosphere to increase your confidence. Experienced teachers will help you set your achievable goals and continually monitor your progress to ensure you stay motivated and focused on developing your skills.

Plenary Session

At the beginning of the day the plenary session provides a starter session to bring students together before their class. Through teacher-led discussion, students are given the opportunity to discuss news reviews and relevant language-based topics as a warm-up before their first class.

Conversation Class

This class is dedicated to improving your spoken communication and building your confidence. With a focus on pronunciation and by using role-plays and presentations, you develop oral fluency, which enables you to operate confidently in a variety of real-life situations.

Language Focus

Target language and grammar points are introduced, which form the foundation of your language ability. Accuracy is developed through the use of controlled practice, exercises and feedback.
Language Practice

Practise and improve the core skills of listening and speaking. Lessons learnt in Language Focus are further consolidated and skills are expanded.

Skills Focus

Intensive focus on extending your reading and writing skills. You will receive guided practice in tackling different genres and styles of reading texts and producing a variety of written pieces. Emphasis is also placed on using reading as an essential tool for extending your vocabulary.

Project Workshop

In groups you will work together to produce a shared outcome. This method of working helps you develop skills such as thinking and problem solving, collaboration, research, organisation and planning.