Here is a Sample of our Recent Student Feedback from Previous Years. Testimonials are from our time as Premier English Services.
Here is a Sample of our Recent Student Feedback from Previous Years. Testimonials are from our time as Premier English Services.

Silvia from Spain 2017

I called my student and he was so happy to be in Belfast! He appreciated the school organisation and the teachers. He was also pampered by his host mother! Great!

Elena from Barcelona, 2016

I was absolutely satisfied with our class. Mary is really good and we enjoyed everyday, we had a great time and we learned a lot

Severin, Lyon, Work Placement Student 2017

I really like the methods of teaching of Simon and I think he is really good at his job. Thank you very much, Simon, because I think I’ve learned a lot of things during these three weeks.

Jesús from Spain, 2018

Lessons were great and useful. I’ve learned a lot of things, especially when we focused on the speaking. In particular, I really liked when we worked in groups.

Alessandro from Italy, 2018

It is a nice way of making our skills better. The teaching method was very nice and teachers were always smiling. We did learn how to improve our skills and it wasn’t difficult at all.

Rosa Lynn from Netherlands, 2015

Alana is so nice and kind .She cooked my favourite food at dinner.

Ander from Bilbao, 2016

The host family’s accommodation was excellent because they took care of me and every time I need something they help me.

Blanca from Spain, 2015

The experience were very interesting and I think I have improved my English.

Ines, from Asturias, 2014

Everything is okay, our teacher is very nice and friendly and helps us a lot. She asks to every one of us questions and helped us as much as she could! Great host family too!

Marina from Spain, 2014

The classes were fun, because we talked a lot and played games, which was very good!

Martin from Catalonia 2014

Belfast is a really interesting City with friendly people. A great experience!

Pedro from Spain, 2014

I really enjoyed lessons and my teacher was great. The activities and the exercises helped to me to improve my English. Belfast in a cool city!

Inigo from Bilbao 2014

The classes were really cool. I had a lot of fun with the teacher and my classmates! Lessons are fun.

Elisa from Italy 2013

Every day our Teacher was clear with his lessons and I improved a lot my English, especially in conversation, Thank You!

Luca from Italy, 2013

My host family is extremely friendly. She always asks if everything is okay which is really kind. The food is good too and her children are also very nice.

Ana from Valladolid, 2013

The activities were really funny and I had a really enjoyable time.

David, Italy 2015

My family were great. They made me feel very welcome

Andrea, Spain 2017